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Difference between real estate attorney and commercial real estate attorney?

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My business partner and I are about to buy a commercial office building in Roslindale and I’d like to use a friend who is a real estate closing attorney.  Are there really that many differences between a commercial real estate deal and buying a house?


Yes there are differences –  If the attorney in question, no matter how much of a friend,  is not generally familiar with commercial transactions, I would seek out someone who is.  This is particularly true for a larger building or one housing a restaurant.  Like the answer to the previous question, a smart purchaser has done a good deal of homework prior to signing a purchase and sale agreement.

Our Roslindale Commercial Real Estate Attorneys provide legal representation for commercial real estate transactions and all related matters and serve individuals and business in Roslindale and the Greater Boston neighborhoods including Oak Hill, Buttonwood Village, Brookline, Milton Village and Readville, Massachusetts.


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