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Divorce Q&A

Can a divorce agreement be modified? What is the process?

Additional Information: I had been living with my parents while we were separated and just moved into an apartment in Newton with our 18 month old son and am finding that the alimony and child support are insufficient. I’ve been divorced from my husband for 4 months.  Can the divorce settlement agreement be changed after finalization?  What is the process and is it difficult? ATTORNEY ANSWER: It depends, and I would have to read the

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What is the best way to handle financial matters in a divorce?

Additional Information: What is the best way to handle finances and separation of assets in a divorce?  My wife and I just separated and she is currently an at home mom in Brookline. We’ve figured out a schedule in regard to the children but don’t know how to handle expenses and splitting assets. ATTORNEY ANSWER: The best method is for both you and your wife to fill out a court financial form (I can send

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We’re going to get divorced, and husband has been spending lavishly.

Additional Information: My husband married me for my family’s money.  We’ve been married for 5 years, have 3 kids and a house worth $2.5 M in Brookline, MA.  He always took care of the finances and I just found out that he has been spending lavishly, bought himself a new sports car and essentially has depleted our checking accounts.  Will his behavior be considered as we figure out how to divide our property and remaining

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Does it seem like his divorce lawyer is going to seek sole custody of our daughter?

Additional Information: My husband and I are getting divorced. We’ve been amicable toward one another, he is even still living in our home in West Roxbury, so I was surprised when I received papers from his attorney stating negative things about me that my spouse denies.  We have a 7 year old daughter and we agreed to be respectful of one another as we go through the divorce for her sake. Does it seems like

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My ex husband has been in contempt of divorce decree for years.

Additional Information: He has never paid for medical insurance, alimony or child support.  He has the means to pay and has finally been paying child support of $500 a month and ignoring the rest saying “oh, well she’s almost 18.”  We live in MA, and in the Fall she will be attending an expensive college in Chestnut Hill, and the money would allow her to focus on school and her studies instead of having to

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