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My upstairs neighbor’s renovations caused damage to my unit. What legal steps should I take?

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My upstairs neighbor had a contractor do some renovations a few months ago. 3 months later it caused water damage to my unit and the common area. Their insurance co. does not hold them responsible for the damages and will not cover the cost to repair my unit or the common area. What legal steps should I take?


Your first move should be to contact the Trustees of the condominium association concerning the common area damage.  In addition, the condo association master insurance may cover the damage to your unit.  You should check the condominium Master Deed and/or Condominium Trust to see if either or both require unit owners to submit renovation plans to the Trustees for approval.  You may want to check with your city or town’s Building Department to see if building permits were obtained for the work.   If the condominium master insurance does not cover the damage, or does not cover all of it,  you may then pursue a claim directly against your upstairs neighbor.

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