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The seller of property refuses to meet closing dates. What are my legal rights?


Seller of property refuses to meet closing dates.  I have spent so much time and money on this and the sellers are just refusing to actually sell this house. Can they do this?  What are my legal rights?


Paragraph 10 of the Standard Purchase and Sale Agreement covers situations where seller cannot give good title or deliver the property as required.  Where that happens notice is required and there is an automatic delay period.   If, on the other hand, seller is simply refusing to convey the property we have a breach of contract.  The typical remedy is

A suit for Specific Performance in which a buyer asks the Court to require the Seller to abide by the contract.  It is unusual to have to pursue that remedy but it does happen.  Unless a Seller has a good reason why the Purchase and Sale should be declared null and void,  Courts will enforce the contract.  The downside is the expense and time required.

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