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We’re going to get divorced, and husband has been spending lavishly.

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My husband married me for my family’s money.  We’ve been married for 5 years, have 3 kids and a house worth $2.5 M in Brookline, MA.  He always took care of the finances and I just found out that he has been spending lavishly, bought himself a new sports car and essentially has depleted our checking accounts.  Will his behavior be considered as we figure out how to divide our property and remaining assets?


The short answer is probably not.  And how do you know your husband married you for your money?  A more nuanced answer is that a response to your questions would depend on several factors and gathering more information.  It depends on the precise nature of your husband’s spending.  What did he spend lavishly to buy?  Did you enjoy any of the items he spent lavishly to buy? Did your children?  Was there infidelity in the marriage and did he spend to impress or romance a new girlfriend?  How much did your husband spend, and what are the remaining assets? 

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